ReconInsight 360


We partnered with ALM Design to develop an HTML version of ReconInsight’s RI360, business intelligence application. While successful, the previous version was Flash based, and did not work on their customer’s iOS devices, such as iPhones, and iPads.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, the demand for an HTML version was growing. Eolus Technologies was brought in to the project specifically for our user interface development expertise. The application utilized Angular on the front end, and integrated fully with a REST API built in house by ReconInsight. Visualizations were built using D3.

Challenges and requirements on the project included building a fully responsive, customizable big data, dashboard application. ReconInsight needed the application to work on all devices, and yet be fully customizable on a large screen. Additional functionality is available on larger screens, where the usability works. Less functionality is available where it makes less sense. The dashboards, which are administered by the end clients, can have unlimited amounts of panels, with a variety of client chosen visualizations. The panels are resizable, and can be dragged on screen. The screen setup can be saved as well. Visualizations can be changed at anytime and must also respond to available screen real estate. All of this functionality must handle different screen resolutions and sizes, and transition seamlessly when browser window sizes change.

While a challenge, to say the least, Eolus Technologies was successful in meeting the business requirements, and brought creative and innovative thinking to the project.