Our Story

TakeFlight got started by a user interface developer who saw a need to disrupt the norm in the software development industry.  After spending years working for various companies across several industries, we saw a pattern arising – many projects, even ones internal to a company, were prone to over promising and under delivering, oftentimes out of desperation for work and misunderstanding the specifics of the project.  Frustration, stress, and anger seemed to be the status quo for both the clients and the developers due to missed deadlines, the project being over budget, and the lack of being able to produce quality work.

Seeing a need for change, Kevin Stoelb decided to create TakeFlight with one simple, but very important goal in mind – delivering a quality product, on time, on budget. Taking the time initially to fully explore our client’s’ needs for their project, while being completely upfront and honest with them, results in projects being successful and meeting our goal.